System Administration

For efficient and productive workflows you need a secure and reliable digital infrastructure.
With open source solution you can benefit from a wide range of solution developed around the world from millions of digital engineers.
More independence and security for your business instead of dependence on big data collecting enterprises with one fits all solution.
Take control of your confidential data, it is one of your precious assets in the competition for national and global market shares. We provide you customized solution fit to your needs.

More than 20 years of our experience on Linux systems in data center environments, industry and office networks can be your advantage in a growing digital world of tomorrow.

Our system and network services have been supporting our customers for decades with powerful and secure solutions in the local area networks including wireless or wide area networks. Firewall setups and virtuelle private network technologies provides safety and availability 24/7.

Cost benefit analysis are always a topic for small and midsize entities, but should be also consider for enterprise entities.
We enjoy to serve all kinds of entities as customers for years, to develop continually solutions to the needs of our customers.


  • dedicated Linux server
  • high ability cluster solution
  • kernel virtuelle machine KVM
  • data & web load balancing
  • cdn & cloud service management
  • industry & office Linux desktop systems
  • encrypted connections for branch & remote
  • managed wireless networks
  • digital access control
  • service monitoring

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